Store Policies

Return Policy

  • Returns must be made within 14 days of the receipt of shipment.
  • Return shipping isn’t free unless you’re returning because of our error.
  • Exchanges and replacements are available for some items.

Buyer should contact us first with description of the problem. All buyer’s following steps should follow our instructions ( ).

Since we want 100% customer satisfaction, we will try to do our best if any inconvenience occurs.


Safety & Warnings

Never aim or use AMONG or NEAR people.

Do not hold Shutka Harpoons with greasy hands when using sunblock or any other oils and creams because Shutka Harpoon can slip from your hands.

Shutka Harpoons products are not toys and can cause severe personal injury or death.

Even though spearguns/slingshots are not restricted items in most places, those under 18 years of age should always be supervised by an adult when shooting.

It is irresponsible and unwise to store or leave a Shutka accessible to children.

Avoid alcoholic beverages while shooting.

Inspect the latex tube assemblies and attachment points before use for any signs of wear, breakage or cracks. Do not use if elastic tubes, spear or handle is worn or damaged!