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Shutka Suzi Slingshot Kit


A slingshot with magazine for metall balls 10 – 12 mm.

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Slingshot is made of pro chrome steel, coated with special plastics and rubber. It is extremely light, simple to use and very accurate. Rubber tubing is chosen and optimized for 12 mm steel balls, but it can shoot anything else of similar weight and size also.

Shutka Suzi slingshot comes with inventive but simple 6 balls storage, which help user to keep his ammo at hand in any moment.

Small, portable size, easy, accurate, simple to use and very durable were things that our designers had in mind.

Complete kit contains:

  • Handle
  • Double rubber kit ( one lasts around 1000 shots)
  • 50 pieces of metal balls 10mm
  • 50 pieces of metal balls 12mm
  • Storage bag.


Weight: 48 g with empty storage, 83 g with 5 x 12 mm steel balls.

Size:     14 cm, 8 cm, 1 cm