Shutka MAK kit




It is easy to carry, fine, pocket size harpoon for fishing  in shallow waters.  High velocity 4mm caliber three parts arrow,  with  two barbs and without string attachment  for faster reload and longer shoots. It is intended for catching fishes up to 2 kg.

High-quality materials and high tech machinery combined with fine hand craftsmanship which are used in Shutka Harpoons production process make it a State of the art underwater fishing  gear, and it is ideal for travelers,  survival adventurers and underwater fishing enthusiasts.

Complete kit contains :

–              3 parts arrow with two barbs ( Pro chrome steel, assembled  97 cm,  95 g )

–              Elastic kit set ( 640 % elasticity – with high explosive feed back

–              Mini handle kit with teflone arrow seat

–              String buckle belt for carrying fishes

–              Bag  ( covered with some UV protection layer – rubber  ageing protection )

–              Spear polishing sand paper