Shutka Sara 18 HS




Sara 18 HS is a fine harpoone for fishing from land or boat into water. To handle,  is needed some practise and discipline.  It is  made from many anticorosive materials and can be used in many diferent terreins. In minute, you may change the funcion and tranform it into fine summertime rifle, on 12mm metall balls and elastics ( known like slingshot/catapult  rifle ). Operating temperature of rubberr set is up to 12 degre C or may be used indoor.

Complete kit contains:

–              SARA 18

–              1 Rubber sets for fishing arrow

–              1 rubber sets for metal balls 12 mm

–              2 fishing arrows, tungsten ..

–              2 complete reels and both adaptors

–              50 metal balls 12mm ( 7,2 g )

–              Bag