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Shutka Africa Travel Slingshot Kit


A slingshot with magazine for metall balls 12-15 mm.

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A slingshot with magazine for metall balls  12-15 mm.  Plastic/rubber handle with Pro Chrome inserts, unbreakable, lightweight, transparent and precise if you know how to shoot.  Positions for rubbers and fingers on handle  allows that are all always in the same position. Elastics follows through, that means they are more silent and safer for user.

Complete kit contains:

  • Handle
  • Double rubber kit ( for metal balls 12m and 15mm),
  • 50 pieces of metal balls 12mm
  • 20 pieces of metal balls 15 mm
  • Storage bag


Weight: 51 g with empty storage.

Size:     11,5 cm, 8,5 cm, 1 cm